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Final Blog Post: Conor’s Truth

Through the whole book we get to understand and connect with Conor more each chapter. Closer to the end when Conor has to tell the Yew Tree the truth, his truth, he is scared to admit it because if he does then it becomes real. Not just a thought inside of his head. He doesn’t want to admit it because he is scared to lose his mother. But when him and his grandmother are sitting around Conor’s mothers hospital bed for the last time, he works up the strength to say:

” “I don’t want you to go” he said, tears dropping from his eyes, Slowly at first, then spilling like a river”

Once he admired the truth he could fully move on after his mothers death and live his life. 

In my second blog post, I predicted that Conor would do anything for his mother no matter how hard it gets and I feel like I was pretty accurate with my predictions because by him admiting that she is dying and he does not what to lose her, he’s facing the most difficult challenge to help his mother. He resolves the main conflict between himself and not wanted to let his mother go. I feel like it was a good way to let the novel end because conor finds out the truth about what he feels inside and gets to properly understand everything and move on. 
The book gives good examples of imagery by not only letting u have ur own idea of the situations through tour the book but it also gives you some pictures through tour the book to lean your mind a certain way. By the author doing this, it’s gives me a better feeling of Conor’s feelings and a better feel to how the overall tone of the book was bitter sweet and a little bit sad at moments and happy at others. By the author giving this tone I feel like he was trying to protray that no matter what happens throughout ur life as long as you face the truth and accept it, things with always get better with time. 

I feel like the author’s ability to write is pretty amazing. He can write in 3rd person and make two characters have a convocation and you know who is speeding when and what time or what they are feeling when they say what they say. What I feel he doesn’t do that well would be keeping the reader to understand the book, meaning instead of Jumping from his house to school to the hospital, he should give a little more information in between the settings. 

Overall I would highly recommend this book because it has really good meaning behind most teenagers when they go though tuff times, it helps you understand and help you deal with whatever u you maybe going thought, besides that it just keeps u wanted to keep reading it because you never know what may happen next. After reading the book, I would really want to watch the movie!!


Blog Two: Getting To Know Conor

Through out the book, we start to learn more and more about Conor’s life and his life out side of his home. Conor gets bullied at school by Herry, Anton and Sully because of his mother having cancer. They trip and hurt him everyday: 

“Are you sick or something, O’Nalley?” Sully said, laughing. “It’s like you fall everyday” 

Then Anton says

“you should go see a doctor for that.”

Besides his Tormention at school, he has to deal with his grandmother at his home, sleeping in his bed, bossing him around, and making him move in with him. He does not like her at all because she is coming into there life and changing all the ways that they worked around:

” I’m here because thirteen-year-old boys shouldn’t be wiping down counters without being asked to first”

Through out all this, I feel the goal that Conor has is to do anything to look out for his mother no matter what obstacles come his way. He stood up to his grandmother to try n stay with his mother and do anything that his mother may be: food, puke bucket, or even her head scarf. Conor is trying so hard to reach these goal but I feel he can’t do much else because of his grandmother taking him to move in with her while his mother is at the hospital. 

Not only is Conor facing the external conflicts of his grandmother and Harry but also internal with the bad dreams, not wanting to tell anyone about them, and the Yew tree monster. Conor keeps contemplating  whether or not the monster is real or in his head. He keeps saying to himself  

“It’s only a dream”

Over and over until he starts to believe it but every time he wakes up he finds a “gift” whether it is Yew tree seeds all over his floor or a tree growing from the hard wood. 

I feel like Conor will overcome these conflicts by fighting for what he believes in and never giving up on his mom no matter how hard it gets, but for the yew tree, I think he will finally realize that the monster is real and that not only does he want to tell him his experiences but wants to help Conor understand his life and his responsibilities more than he does now. With that being said, I think the text would most likely end with Conor telling the monster HIS trust and Conor understanding more about life and how things play out. Another was I think it might end would be Conor’s mother dies and that gives him more understanding about life and not only be feeling of losing someone you love but also how to cover one obstacles without hiding them or just running away. 

Blog One: Introduction to A Monster Calls

The book, A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is about a 13 year old, Conor O’Malley’s mom is dying of cancer, and Conor’s having nightmares about a monster. The monster shows up but it is not the one he has been expecting, this monster is different, anicient and wild and it wants the truth. 

I chose this book because it sounded mysterious and creepy, which are the types of books and movies I like. Another key reason why I chose this book was because it was shorter than all the others and had some pictures in it so it’s easier to finish the whole book. I have not read a lot of books in the past or even at all but what makes me feel I will enjoy this book is from movies about horror and scary things. 

In the first chapter, Conor meets the monster and is disappointed that it’s not “the monster”, The one in his dreams. Patrick Ness called this chapter A Monster Calls. I feel like he called it this because it is when the monster first starts calling Conor and they meet face to face. The one thing that stands out the most about the style of writing is the spelling of mom. They spell it like Mum. This is British, so it indicates that they are from Britain and the book is set in Britain. Throughout this whole chapter, I found a example of personification. 

“the nightmare was slipping from him” (Ness 2) 

Final Blog Post

Three short months ago, we started this exiting project, to raise an animal together. we couldn’t decide what animals to do, and we finally decided on goldfish because rachele’s uncle was willing to let us use some. This was probably the best choice because it was the lowest costing animal to have.

Week One: We got to get to know a little bit more about about not only our goldfish but more about goldfish themselves. We learned about there background in Asia and there less known name Carasius Auratus. We also learned where they were most commonly kept which would be in a pond or aquariums.

Week Two: No two fish are the same. They have lot of different feature’s. They all have different types of body features like fins and scales. All the physical aspects of the fish. We also found out the different types of water and how to treat it and how much PH levels it has to be.

Week Three: On the third week, we learned that the goldfishes average life span and how they react to water pollution. We also learned what to make sure the water did not have and what levels of what you should have in the water.

Week Four: We studied what the average goldfish diet was. We also learned something very important about goldfish that we did not know before, and saved our fish’s life. The over feeding of them the fish. We also learned that the fish are not super active and that’s another contributing factor to the little food they can eat.

Week Five: This week we talked more about how the fish lived before we got them and how they lived and where treated by Rachele’s uncle. There wasn’t a lot to post about in this week due to the little information and what her uncle did for the fish before.

Week Six: We found out more about the fish population and and how they reproduce. this was more interesting because the fish can lay so many eggs at one time and that the eggs hatch 48-72 hours later. That is crazy fast.

Week Seven: By this week were were talking about how the goldfish relate to the Environmental Science 20 Curriculum by the aquatic system we learned in class. We learned more information during the aquatic unit that helped us understand the fish better like the oxygen needed in the water and the PH levels.

Week Eight: In this week we explained how much food we give the fish everyday so one, they live and two, they don’t get over fed. we also talked about how much the financial costs are to have pets like them.

Week Nine:On this week we talked about the goal of the animal. Our main goal was for the fish to stay alive during the long breaks(weekends, long weekends, etc.) and on a daily life. We hoped that it would stay alive from all the other classes putting weird things in the fish tank(oranges, red bull, other types of food, pencil shavings, etc).The number one thing were proud of is them staying alive.

Week Ten: This week we talked about why we choose the animal we did and what the interests were in the animal. we did not have a lot to put in the blog post because everyone has different opinions and this questions was a pretty broad explanation.

Week Eleven:We posted this week about the maintenance and the cleaning of the fish. This week was just more s describing how n when we clean the tank. that was the most work we had to do in order to take care the fish, the rest was simple and quick.

Week Twelve: Due to the animals difficulty being able to chart the growth, we were not able to chart it but we did some research to see the average growth rate and we did noticed a little change of the fish getting bigger. The growth was normal for regular fish.

Over the past 13 weeks we all have worked together to take care, write and finish the Student Directed Study by January 5th 2017. we all worked pretty well together and all for the most part have a roll in this entire process.

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Week Twelve: Chart The Growth

It was difficult to chart the growth due to them in the water and we were not able to hole them still, but we do know that there growth is normal it’s not growing to slow or to fast its growing at a normal rate which is good.

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Week Nine: The Goal 

The goal for this animal is to stay alive and live a normal life they are great pets. They are easy to take care of and the only goal they truly need it to stay alive.

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Week Eleven: Maintenance of The Fish

I cleaned the fish tank about once a week when i had a filter and it wasn’t bad also goldfish are not that dirty but when i had no filter because i had to take it home i had to clean it about twice a week because the water had no where to go or filter through so the water got really dirty easily so i had to clean it for often. Other wise they were pretty easily to clean.

in order to properly clean the fish tank, we have to transfer the fish over to a different container to hold them while we clean the tank. we have to clan the tank by removing all the water then cleaning all the leftover food and poop that had sunk down to the bottom and once that was done we too a paper towel and wiped the side of the tank to make sure all the gross stuff was out of the tank. then we added more water and added these drops to the water to make sure it was safe for the fish to return.

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Week Ten: Interest In The Animal 

I have a little bit of an interest in goldfish because I had about 30 goldfish in a 55 gallon tank at my friend’s house. We shared these fish together.

We decided together to get goldfish because Rachele’s uncle had a bunch of fish that we could use for free. We just needed to get a fish tank, food and supplies for the tank. We didn’t have much time to think about what animal we wanted to use so we just went with the fish because it had been the easilest.

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Week Eight: Food and Costs

I give a little pitch for the food but in the winter when they go in a blue box, they don’t eat at all. So I am really surprised they are actually eating. Goldfish are not a lot to have because a big container of food is will last almost all summer depends on how much they get feed. I got mine for free from my uncle because he has have over 100 fish but he said to me they better come back “alive”. Haha.

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